Recently: Video Juice Box, March 21, 2010

Last Sunday was an amazing day for Greenpointillism Face Painting. After booking it to the Knitting Factory we found ourselves in a wonderful venue, greeted by the colorful Video Juice Box crew. It was a great interactive show featuring new media entertainment supported by acts and performances all based on the week’s ‘Circus’ theme. In an effort to support the vibe of the show we came up with a bunch of ideas:

Boy clown, Chops, Girl clown, Pink Poodle, Tiger, Dog, Circus Elephant, Bearded Lady

The kids, however, were a little too shy to visit the face painting table. Luckily we hope to collaborate with them and become a side attraction in the future, every Sunday at 2pm.

After the show we headed to McCarren park and set up a little face painting station to take advantage of the great weather. A few friends showed up and graciously let us paint some of our ideas on their faces. You can view some of them on our What We Do page.

Coming up:

Sunday, March 21-Video Juice Box.  Knitting Factory

From Knitting Factory Website:

Video Juice Box

VIDEO JUICE BOX, a new live variety show for kids 2-5 hosted by musician, comedian and one-time school teacher Jeremy Pollet. With songs, comedy, video segments, special guest stars, lots of interactive fun…and prizes, too!
On March 21st VIDEO JUICE BOX rocks…. the CIRCUS.
Kids are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite circus character or animal. We’ll be playing circus games, singing circus songs, and watching some amazing circus videos on the big screen!
On Sunday afternoons, The Knitting Factory becomes The Kidding Factory. All about the kids, but parents will be happy to hang too…..Future themes for shows include dinosaurs, fairy tales, animals, and planets.

Annie in Wonderland

First event- Annie in Wonderland (so clever!)

Client: Lea Byrd

Kendall and I attended our first face painting event last Saturday and we had a blast. After a mad dash through to rain we made it to our destination. Soaked to the bone, but high in spirits we entered the beautifully decorated apartment, met the party guests and took our face painting station in the corner. There was a steady stream of kids who wanted a variety of things painted and all I can say is thank god for Kendall and thank god for temporary tattoos. The music was bumping, the kids were jammin and we found our groove and produced some really wonderful things. Because the kids were mostly 3-7 we painted a lot of butterflies, spiderman and batman masks but there was the occasional miniature customer who wanted one of our Alice in Wonderland themed ones painted on their face. We hope to have some pictures of the event up here soon!

Some ideas we came up with for the party:

Checkerboard, The Hare, Cheshire Cat, Ace, the Caterpillar, White Rabbit’s Clock

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  1. 1 zach w. March 24, 2010 at 10:14 AM

    glad to see you gals are doing well. this is such a great idea! every one needs a little joy added to their routine, and no one can deny happiness with a painted face, even in NYC. keep up the great work. take care.

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